Ensure your ad space is always filled with AdMob Mediation

Do you want to ensure that your ad space is always filled? With AdMob Mediation, you can serve ads through your app via the AdMob network, third-party ad networks, and house ad campaigns to ensure that your ad spaces are filled with the best performing ads possible.

How to order your mediation stack.

The AdMob mediation stack can order your ad networks in two ways. If you want to promote house ad campaigns, such as ads for your other apps for free within your own apps, you can order your mediation stack to focus on impression goals first. The AdMob mediation stack will show your house ad campaigns first, based on the number of impressions they are supposed to receive on a daily basis, then it will order the mediation stack based on the highest effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM).

If you do not have house ad campaigns, AdMob will order your mediation stack based on the highest effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM). This will ensure that you earn the highest revenue possible. If one ad network does not have an appropriate ad to fill a spot, AdMob will move down to the next ad network.

How to choose additional ad networks.

Using AdMob mediation, you can manage over 40 different ad networks from one interface, including rewarded video ad networks. Out of these ad networks, AdMob can automatically pull the eCPM value of over 20 of them, allowing AdMob to continuously prioritize the best ad network for your app's revenue earning potential. You can also add house ads for ad networks that are not directly supported in AdMob.

We would recommend reviewing each ad network to ensure that the ads they deliver match your industry, fit well with your app, and have positive reviews regarding user experience from both app developers and app users. For example, you do not want to choose an ad network that only serves video ads if you do not want users having to skip over videos in your app. And you don't want to choose a video ad network that has poor video ad performance reviews.

The easiest to add will be the ones that do not require you to update your app's SDK and the easiest ones to maintain are those that automatically update their eCPM to AdMob. You can find a complete list of supported ad networks for AdMob mediation, including platform and SDKs information.

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