See How Rewarded Video Ads Can Boost Mobile App Engagement

App developers have the potential to earn more ad revenue with AdMob’s rewarded solution (see how these developers have seen success since implementing rewarded ads).

To help you maximize your earnings with AdMob, it’s important to ensure that users in your app find your ads relevant and interactive so that you can monetize users most effectively. In this manner, rewarded video ads can encourage more app engagement by offering users benefits (e.g. avatars, coins, points, etc.) for watching ads.

For example, in a gaming app, where one constant screen is displayed, implementing banner ads throughout the game play may make sense. However, you can also implement a rewarded video ad right before a new game level loads, so that ad placements occur at a natural “pausing” points in the app.

For more complex games, where ad placement would need to be strategic as to not disrupt the experience, more targeted event-driven ad implementations would be best. Again in this case, rewarded video ads provide a better player experience by rewarding users with in-app currency at specific points in the game to enhance mobile app engagement and the corresponding revenue.

Here are some tips regarding when to implement rewarded ads:

1. When a score is displayed in the middle of the game

If scores are displayed at specific points in the game, it may make sense to introduce ads as well at this natural break in the play. This implementation is ideal for games that autosave a player’s progress, so that the player knows that they can come back to the level where they left off even if they click on a rewarded video ad. It's also ideal if you are advertising an in-app purchase for credits or other features that the player may want for the next round of play.

However, it is important to show rewarded ads at only select scoring display periods, as not to overload the player with ads and impact mobile app engagement. To ensure that you are complying with policy related to implementing interstitial ad, read here.

2. When the player is on a static screen in the middle of the game.

If your game has some stopping points or a continuous static screen, it may serve your well to introduce rewarded video ads, assuming the game is autosaved. This way these ads don’t interrupt the user in mid-action, but rather at a time the player likely plans to get up to get a snack or do other tasks anyway.

3. When the player returns to the menu

When a player is selecting new options within the menu, introducing an ad at that time could be considered. The player is reviewing gaming menu options, so showing rewarded video ads that help them unlock a menu upgrade option for example, may help them make strategic menu selections and in turn stay longer in your app. It isn’t intrusive as the player is at a natural paused interval in the app and it doesn’t detract from the experience. To ensure that you are complying with policy related to implementing interstitial ad, read here.

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