Chromebook turns 10

Learn more about ChromeOS, browse the latest apps and hardware, check out some of the highlights from the last decade, and see where we're heading.

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Chromebook today

Chromebooks run on ChromeOS—the fast, simple, and secure operating system built by Google. Chromebooks come in all shapes and sizes, with features to help get things done quickly and easily, and apps to help you be productive, get creative, and stay entertained.

New features for Chromebook’s 10th birthday

We’re launching a range of new ChromeOS features to help you work better across devices, get stuff done fast, and more.

HP Chromebook 14b

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

Upgrade to easy

With features designed to make your life simple, like long battery life, offline access, and the Everything Button.

Security built In

Features like built in virus protection and secure support for multiple users help keep your data protected.

Ready when you are

Chromebooks boot up in seconds, and with automatic updates* you get the latest software without being interrupted.

*See how long a device is eligible for updates at

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Speedy and secure hardware

Chromebook hardware is built by leading brands like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. Google collaborates closely with these partners to make sure that every Chromebook boots up in seconds, stays fast over time, and comes with built-in security to keep your data secure.

Acer Chromebook Spin 513

ASUS Chromebook CX9

A Chromebook for every task

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes including detachable and convertible Chromebooks.

Get even more done

With powerful new Premium Chromebooks that are fast, reliable and great for multitasking.

Always stay connected

Stay connected wherever you are with new laptops with cellular connectivity options like the Acer Chromebook Spin 513.

Accessorize your Chromebook

Choose the latest Works With Chromebook accessories.

Discover products

Apps for work and play

With apps from the web and the Google Play Store, you can increase your productivity, express your creativity, and find ways to enhance your entertainment.

Get productive

Get work done with Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® or Google Workspace. Collaborate using video calling apps like Google Meet or Zoom.

Get creative

Edit photos with Adobe Lightroom, BeFunky, and design apps like Canva and Adobe Spark. Create videos with Clipchamp and WeVideo.

Get the games you love

Play cutting edge games like Cyberpunk 2077 on GeForce NOW. And find your favorite mobile titles like Stardew Valley on the Play Store.

Get entertained

Unwind with video streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube. Listen to your favorite tunes on Spotify or YouTube Music.

Microsoft, Excel and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Works on Chromebooks with the Google Play Store enabled. Refer here for more details. Additional functionality available with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

The history of Chromebook

10 years ago, slow boot times, clunky hardware and intrusive updates were the norm. So, Google set out to design a new type of laptop that was fast, secure, simple to use, and wouldn't interrupt you with updates*.

*See how long a device is eligible for updates at


A year before the launch of Chromebooks, the CR-48 pilot program was born, providing a glimpse into the future of cloud-first computing.


Acer and Samsung launch the first Chromebooks, focusing on speed, security, and simplicity.


The new Aura user interface elevates the browsing experience to feel more like a desktop. The new affordable Samsung Series 3 Chromebook makes computing more accessible. The first Chromebox by Samsung is released.


The Chromebook Pixel with a 3:2 display brings bigger, better pictures to a wider audience.


Chromebooks help modernize the learning experience for students and teachers, becoming the #1 selling device for education in the United States. The first 2-in-1 convertible Chromebook—the Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Chromebook— is released.


The new Chromebook Pixel is the first laptop ever with USB-C technology—allowing people to transfer data quickly and charge their devices super fast.


Google Play Store launches on Chromebooks, providing access to thousands of apps to help people get stuff done, get creative, and stay entertained.


Chromebooks with the Google-designed Titan C security chip are released to keep devices even more secure and provide greater user identity protection.


Project Crostini makes it easier for developers to build and test native apps with support for Linux. Family Link is released to help families create healthy digital ground rules for kids.


Chromebook Enterprise is introduced, bringing the speed, simplicity, and security of Chromebooks to business owners and their employees.


Premium laptops like the HP C1030 Chromebook for Enterprise and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook are released to help people get more done. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet launches with new tablet mode.

2021 and beyond

Looking towards the next 10 years, Chromebooks will become more intelligent, accessible, and helpful to improve computing experiences for everyone.

Intelligent experiences

Using artificial intelligence and sensor technology to proactively help users and create more personalized experiences.

Staying connected

Developing more devices with cellular connectivity, making it easier to get things done wherever you might be.

Working seamlessly

Making sure your phones, tablets and laptops work better together, so you can work seamlessly across all of your devices.

Always secure

Continuing to create secure experiences and protect your data on all your Google devices.

Here's to the next 10