June 2021

What’s New with Chromebook?

Chromebooks update automatically* to provide you with the latest features and keep the software fresh and speedy. Here are some highlights from recent updates.

*See how long a device is eligible for updates at g.co/chromeosupdates/en/.

Share files fast with Nearby Share

With Nearby Share, quickly and securely share files between your Chromebook and other ChromeOS or Android devices. You’ll be able to send and receive without giving your contact details, so your information and files stay private. Get started by going to your Settings Search key icon and toggling “Nearby Share” on.

Share files fast with Nearby Share

See answers automatically

You may already use your Launcher to search for apps, your files, results on Google and more. Now it’ll automatically show answers like simple calculations or weather information without you needing to open up a new browser window. Try it now by pressing the Everything Button (Launcher key icon or Search key icon) and typing “weather” into the search bar.

See answers automatically

Get notified with app badges

Check which of your apps need your attention with a glance. If you see a small circular badge on an app icon, this indicates that the app has active notifications available or something new for you to view. You can turn these badges off by visiting your Quick Settings and clicking “Notifications”.

Troubleshooting at your fingertips

Easily troubleshoot your Chromebook with the new Diagnostics app. You can check the status of your laptop’s battery, CPU and memory, and run tests. So if you notice your battery is draining faster than expected, you can check its health right from the app. Open it now by pressing the Everything Button (Launcher key icon or Search key icon) and searching “Diagnostics”.

Looking to
make a switch?

Switching from Mac or Windows is as easy as logging in. In just three simple steps, you’ll find your files and photos ready to go on your new Chromebook.

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Latest Update

September 2023

Personalize your device with a new set of accent colors that match your wallpaper, select a shared Google Photos album for your wallpaper to rotate through, multitask across different window screen configurations, join your next call with just a tap, and find new GIF options in the icon picker tool.

June 2023

Express your creativity with Google Photos’ new movie editor and video editing features, easily organize your apps you’ve downloaded on your Chromebook in the Launcher, discover new articles about apps in the Explore app, multitask across different windows, and find more options for your handwritten notes.

March 2023

Connect Bluetooth headphones quickly with Fast Pair, express your creativity with character pickers, explore more accessibility voice command options, and easily search for images in Chrome browser.

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