"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World." - Nelson Mandela

Bring the World inside Your Classroom

In our modern, globally interconnected society, it is more important than ever that we understand the world around us. Google Earth and Google’s mapping tools aren’t just about geography. “Place” is universal, spanning disciplines, cultures, and nature, connecting us all to the surrounding world.

With Google Earth and mapping tools you can learn about diversity across biomes and cities, measure how a river has changed shape overtime, or create a project highlighting architectural styles across the ages. Using Google Earth and maps in classrooms can help visualize abstract concepts across a global canvas, allowing students to connect what they learn inside to what they experience in their daily lives, community, and to the larger world.

Creating Stories in Earth
Google Earth’s creation tools allow you to create your own projects. Add points, text, and rich multimedia content to share stories and maps visualized on a 3D globe.
Gridlines in Earth with Carmen Sandiego
Teach your students how they can use latitude and longitudinal lines in Google Earth and they can join Carmen Sandiego on her capers around the globe.
An interactive viewer combining over three decades of satellite data into a seamless, cloud-free, image through space and time.

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