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Performance Max campaigns

Today's shoppers are tapping into an ever-growing number of places online and offline to find what they need. Maximise your reach and meet more customers wherever they're shopping. Performance Max allows advertisers to access new inventory, formats and audiences across all Google channels including YouTube, Search and Discover.1

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Here's what you can do with Performance Max campaigns

Maximise your reach

Show up across all of Google's ad inventory and formats. Find new customers wherever, and whenever they're searching or consuming content.

Drive traffic and sales

Reach more converting customers across Google and increase your online, in-store or omnichannel sales.

Uncover insights and trends

Gain actionable insights to improve your campaigns' performance and find new and unexpected audiences that match your goals.

Get your products in front of hundreds of millions of potential customers from a single campaign.

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Optimise for online and in-store goals

Whether your customers are looking for what you sell online or in-store, you can reach them in both places. Performance Max allows you to measure and optimise for online sales and in-store goals like shop visits, calls and directions clicks.

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Frequently asked questions

  • 1 In Europe, Performance Max campaigns can be used with any Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) that you work with. The ads will show on general search results pages and on any other surfaces that the CSS has opted in to.
  • 2 Source: Google/Ipsos, 'How People Shop with YouTube' Study, Global, July 2018. 18–64 year olds who go online at least once per month and who have purchased something in the last year (n=24,017), (3) YouTube Data, June 2018