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Find accessories that will work seamlessly with your Chromebook. Look for the Works With Chromebook badge on products that are tested and proven to meet Chromebook compatibility standards.

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Look for the Works With Chromebook badge at select retailers.

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Chromebook chargers, mice, keyboards, & more.

We collaborate with leading accessory and peripheral partners to ensure certified products, like mice, cables, power adapters and more work seamlessly to help you get the most from your Chromebook.

  1. Some products will have a dependency - like a USB-C port - in order to work seamlessly. Please check the product packaging for more information.
  2. Google is neither responsible for the operation of the products nor their compliance with any applicable or other safety requirements. Products are serviced and supported exclusively by the accessory or peripheral manufacturer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the product. Chromebook and the "Works With Chromebook" badge are trademarks of Google LLC.