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From Search to Maps, make Google your shopfront

Surface your products across Google's properties and reach billions of users – around the world and across the web.









Google Search

When shoppers are looking for a new item, Google is their first stop. With our solutions, reach more new customers searching for what you sell – whether they're just getting ideas or ready to buy.

Google Maps

More than a billion users rely on Maps every day to get where they need to go and discover local businesses. Mobile searches for 'where to shop' and 'where to buy' have grown by more than 85% over the past 2 years. Make sure they find what they need when they're nearby – and ready to shop with you.


More than 90% of people say that they've discovered new brands or products on YouTube. Reach these shoppers whenever they tune in – whether they're researching a product, deciding to buy or inspiring their next purchase.

Google Assistant

Voice technology, like the Google Assistant, has changed how people search for information – making it easier and faster for them to get daily tasks done. And with the Google Assistant available globally on over 1 billion devices, like phones, watches and smart homes, the technology also offers brands a big opportunity to build relationships in more meaningful and natural ways.

Google Images

50% of online shoppers said that images of a product inspired them to purchase. Make sure that your products show up on highly visual surfaces like Google Images, where people can get ideas and discover what you sell.