What's New with Chromebook?

Chromebooks update automatically to provide you with the latest features and keep the software fresh and speedy. Here are some highlights from recent updates.

Introducing the new Material You design

You might have noticed that your Chromebook has a new look and feel – and now you also have more ways to personalize your laptop based on your taste and style. When you select a wallpaper, you'll also be able to choose from a set of accent colours. Your colour palette choice will dynamically show up across your desktop, quick settings, window header bars, shelf and more. Try it out now by right clicking your desktop and selecting "Set wallpaper". While you're there, you can also try out dark mode or select auto to have your Chromebook change from light to dark mode with the time of day.

Use Google Photos’ shared albums as wallpaper

Now you can select a shared album to use as your wallpaper and screensaver. After you collaborate with friends and family to build the perfect photo album on Google Photos, you can either select a photo from that album as your permanent wallpaper or have your wallpaper “change daily” and loop through photos in the album. Then when someone adds a new picture to the album, your wallpaper will cycle through the shared album and that new picture.

Use Google Photos’ shared albums as wallpaper

Easily multitask across different windows

Now it’s easier to organize your open windows and apps into split-screens with a tap. You can even float a window on top of the others for easy access. See your options by hovering over the “Maximize” button in the top right corner of your window, or by trying the keyboard shortcut (Everything Button or key + Z).

Join your next video call with a tap

You may already use the Calendar view on your shelf to quickly check the date or see what events you have coming up. Now you can also use it to see which meetings you have up next and jump into your next video call, without needing to open the full Google Calendar app. Just tap the date on the bottom right side of your shelf, then select today, and you’ll see the new “Join” option for events that have a virtual meeting link.

Join your next video call with a tap

Looking to
make a switch?

Switching from Mac or Windows is as easy as logging in. In just three simple steps, you’ll find your files and photos ready to go on your new Chromebook.