Meet ChromeOS

ChromeOS is the speedy, simple and secure operating system that powers every Chromebook.


Upgrade to easy

Life’s complicated enough. Simplify things with a Chromebook.

Simple setup

Setting up your new Chromebook is easy. Just log into your Google Account and you’ll find all your Google Drive files and Chrome preferences on your new Chromebook.

Simple setup Meet ChromeOS


Security, built-in.

With features like built-in virus protection and secure support for multiple users, Chromebook keeps you and your data protected.

Family Link

The Family Link app from Google helps you set digital ground rules for children using Chromebooks. Set screen time limits and adjust their account settings.

A child sits at a desk typing on a Chromebook with two adults on each side. Three Family Link graphics are next to the image.


Ready when you are

Chromebooks boot up in seconds, and with automatic updates you get the latest software without being interrupted.

Boots in seconds

Don’t lose a moment of productivity to a slow start. Whether you’re answering an urgent email, taking notes in class or relaxing at home, just open it up and get going.