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Turn more local searchers into customers

Merchant Center can help you reach local customers at the right time on Google Search, Shopping, YouTube and more. Manage how your products appear across Google and create powerful Performance Max campaigns to promote your in-store inventory and drive sales.
User interface demonstrating a user searching for running shoes on Google Maps, with a pop out of a sponsored Business Profile result previewing products available in-store enhanced for emphasis.

Promote your local store and products across Google in a few easy steps

Merchant Center allows you to manage your in-store product inventory across Google and drive store visits with paid advertising campaigns - all in one place.

Add your business and product information to Google

Start by creating a free Merchant Center account and providing some basic information about your store. Add your products to Google by uploading a file with information about your inventory, like product names, prices, and photos, or by linking your e-commerce website.

Multiply your reach and drive in-store sales with Performance Max

Reach local customers at key moments

Showcase your local store and inventory to shoppers who matter most - the ones searching on Google for local products like yours.

Mobile user interface animated to show a user searching 'running shoes near me' on Google Maps, with a sponsored Business Profile result pulled up and displaying a list of products available in their shop.

Increase your in-store sales and ROI

Performance Max uses Google AI to help you get more sales from your budget, optimize ROI for your campaign across all Google Ads channels, and use our real-time understanding of consumer behavior to invest in the right moments.

An upward trending arrow icon surrounded by icons for Google products that Merchant Center users can display their business and products on, like Google Maps, Google Search, and Youtube, in a circular fashion.

Gain valuable performance insights

Stay on top of fast-changing customer needs with personalized reports that review your product’s price competitiveness, which products appear next to yours, and even how shoppers engage with your local business on Search and Maps.

A graph demonstrating how a product listing is performing on Merchant Center based on search interest and conversions over the course of a month.

Boost in-store sales today with Merchant Center and Performance Max